Stiftung Brandenburgische Gedenkstätten Gedenkstätte Todesmarsch im Belower Wald

The Administrative Centre of the Concentration Camp Terror. The Concentration Camps Inspectorate 1934–1945

An exhibition at the historical site

In the spring of 1934, the National Socialists made all concentration camps subject to a newly created office of the SS: the "Inspectorate of Concentration Camps" (IKL). On behalf of the Reichsführer SS Heinrich Himmler, the IKL managed 32 main camps with over 1000 satellite camps. From 1938 to the end of the war, the IKL resided in a prestigious house built by prisoners on the edge of Sachsenhausen Concentration Camp. Today, it is the most important building preserved from that era that bears witness to the masterminds behind the National Socialist terror. About 100 SS men here decided on inmates' food, clothing and housing, on transports to other camps and death marches, on punishments and executions, forced labour, medical experiments and mass murder.

The catalogue contains all the texts and numerous pictures from the permanent exhibition "The Headquarters of the Concentration Camp Terror".

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